MacBook Pro Logic Board Repair By Dr. Apple San Diego

Is Your MacBook Pro Not Turning On or Booting Up?

Liquid-Damaged-Logic-Board-repair by dr apple san diego.jpg

Liquid Damage 

Liquid spills can and will affect your MacBook Pro. It may not happen right away but slowly but surely the liquid will corrode contacts on the board. Electronics rely on the flow of electrons to move across the circuit board at the correct voltage. When liquid contacts the logic board the connection is severed and electrons can not freely pass as needed resulting in a dead MacBook Pro. 


Failing Sensors or GPU 

If you have a failing sensor or major component on the logic board of your MacBook, the device is built with fail safes to prevent further damage. One or two sensors may be the culprit. 


Recalls and Defects 

nothing is made 100 percent right ,100 percent of the time. Your MacBook may have a faulty component on the board that just failed due to aging or poor integrity.