iPod Touch 4th Generation:

  • The iPod Touch 4th Generation debuted in 2010 and offers a wide array of upgrades from previous models including.
  1. Front and Rear Facing Camera
  2. Retina Display
  3. iMessage and FaceTime Support
  4. available storage 8GB, 32GB, and 64GB


iPod Touch 4th Generation Screen Repair San Diego.

iPod Touch 4th Generation Repairability: 4 out of 10 (10 is easiest to repair)

Good: Opening the device is pretty straightforward, as long as you have a heat gun and some iPod Touch opening tools handy.

Good: The headphone jack is not soldered to the logic board, a first for the iPod Touch line.

Bad: The front glass and LCD are permanently fused together, increasing the cost of repairing broken front glass.

Bad: Removing the display completely requires removing the logic board

Bad: Apple soldered the volume button and sleep button cable to the logic board. The previous Touch had a ZIF connector. This makes removing logic board very difficult.

Bad: The battery is still soldered to the logic board, just like previous models.

Leave it to the Pro's:

With Over 1500 Successful iPod Touch Screen Repairs completed in San Diego and Orange County:

fix ipod touch screen repair chula vista

fix ipod touch screen repair chula vista

"Education is Not Free"

How I Mastered iPod Touch Screen Repair Chula Vista

"There is no guide or kit that exist that can replace hands on experience and dedication"

My first repair attempt of the iPod Touch 4th Generation was in Late 2010 in Afghanistan While Serving Overseas with the U.S. Army as a signal support systems specialist. Although I was very savy with laptop repair and iPhones repair at the time I still had a very hard time repairing my friends iPod and for the sake of time I just bought him a new one which set me back about $300 at the time, I didnt give up though, I went back to the drawing board and used that particular iPod to practice and learn on. Through lots of trial and error I was finally able to learn the assembly and reassembly but little did I know there was much more to learn. In order to repair a lot of these I needed to know how to fix other things that can be damaged by the customer, or another technician. Much of the internal components of the iPod Touch 4th Generation are soldered onto the logic board (the brains) of your iPod. It takes a very skilled hand to properly remove components that may be otherwise easily changed on devices like the iPhone or iPad.  I had to replace a few iPods during the year of 2011 but through that experience I was able to master the skill and all  my customers have been satisfied with the repair that we provide.  I now provide out of warranty screen repairs on the iPod Touch in Chula Vista at a very reasonable price of $65 and offer a full warranty.