*Effective 01 JAN 2016*

90 Days From Date of Purchase:

*Guarantee is exclusive to the Part/s that were deemed unserviceable by a Dr. Apple Technician and Authorized for Repair Services and does not pertain to future wear and tear or misuse of the device that may result in further required repair services.*


1) Customer is responsible for contacting business by Close of Business on final day of warranty.

2) Device must pass 10 point inspection 

3) Warranty will be voided if evidence of future tampering of the device (ie opening the device), physical damage, or water damage is discovered.

*Once an iDevice is deemed under warranty, Dr. Apple has up to 7 Business Days to provide warranty service and Provide %100 Customer Satisfaction.*

1) I acknowledge that my device is not covered under Apple inc’s limited hardware warranty due to the existing damage to my device caused by wear and tear, or aging of the device and components. (ie shattered screen, liquid damage, wear and tear of buttons, battery issues, out of warranty time frame with manufactuer or service provider, etc)

2) I am seeking repair service from Dr. Apple as an out of warranty repair service for my device and am freely electing to receive limited to no hardware support from the Manufacturer after service is provided., in regards to future maintenance of the device. Dr. Apple and other Out of Warranty Repair Shops are available for repair services.

Dr. Apple %100 Customer Satisfaction Guarantee


- Dr. Apple strives to provide high quality service at affordable prices. Our mission is to service our Customers iPhone, iPad, iPod, and Mac needs with exceptional service. We will utilize all resources to ensure high quality repair options. Most importantly we believe the job is not complete until the Customer is %100 Satisfied. Dr. Apple San Diego is not affiliated with Apple Inc, and acts solely as an out of warranty repair service. 


Dr. Apple Believes and Follows Ethical Business Practices

- All Devices will be thoroughly diagnosed in the presence of the Customer Prior to and After Repair Service has been Provided. This will help to ensure that any issues or concerns can be addressed on both ends and handled in a timely manner.

-  We will use the highest quality of parts attainable

- All technicians will use the proper tools and follow appropriate guidelines to minimize error.

- All Customers have the option to receive a paper receipt and an Email Receipt; For safe Keeping. *Dr. Apple keeps an extensive database of all services performed. 

-We Reserve the right to refuse service at any point before or during the repair process, if both parties cannot come to an aggreement disputes can be settled in small claims court.